The Egyptian Office for Engineering and Trading

Trust Real Estate is an associate partner of The Egyptian Office for Engineering and Trade EOET. The Egyptian Office for Engineering and Trade’s main area is general contracting. EOET was established in 1982. 90% of its activities are projects for the Egyptian Armed Forces. Due to EOET’s reliable and trustworthy performance and its impeccable reputation several projects of vital importance have been executed for the Armed Forces in Ismailia, Alexandria, Sinai,  Aswan and Cairo.
Among the projects that were entrusted to EOET were hospitals, sports fields, swimming pools, schools, horse stables, theaters and grandstands. EOET also constructed factories, such as the Cement Factory in Hikestep, in addition to various metal structure buildings. It also implemented Factories, such as the Cement factory of Hikestep, and various metal construction facilities.
Two of the essential projects in the past 3 years were:

  1. Satellite station of the General Authority for Investment .
  2. Almaza five-stars hotel in Nasr City for the Finance Department of the Armed Forces.

Recently,  the Egyptian Office for Engineering and Trade has been cooperating with Trust Real Estate Development in constructing several residential buildings of superior quality, in New Cairo(5th settlement), and Sherouk City, in addition to the villas built for the private sector in New Cairo.

Address: 7, obour buildings, Salah Salem, Cairo, Egypt. 
Phone: 24010722 - 24015002
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